Case Study – Real Estate

The Power of a Full-Funnel Strategy: A Real Estate Success Story

01 The Objective

The client aimed to drive qualified buyers to their website and increase inquires into the residential builds.


Real Estate

Campaign Length

Six months

Full-Funnel Approach

Programmatic Display
Streaming TV (OTT)
Social Media
Paid Search

02 The Challenge

The ability to track and report on conversion metrics was highly important to this advertiser.

03 The Solution

We targeted relevant and qualified audiences.

Park City Real Estate Marketing Sky Digital Media

Our full-funnel strategy recommendation included targeted Display, Geo-Fencing, Paid Search, YouTube Bumper ads, and Social Media. We used behavioral targeting to hone in on wealthy home intenders with luxury interests and pursuits from feeder markets across the nation (such as Atlanta, New York City, San Francisco, Houston, and Chicago). For Geo-Fencing, we suggested targeting wealthy individuals using our Demographic Selector tool to ensure that we were serving ads to relevant and qualified consumers. Additionally, conversions were assigned to the campaign for the client’s “Contact Us” and “Amenities” pages, and call tracking was enabled for the Paid Search campaign.

The Results

The client spent approximately $52,000 in retail pricing over the course of the six- month campaign and completely sold out a new build that consisted of 28 residences!

Our reporting reflected over 3.3 million impressions being served over the lifetime of the campaign, with 32,011 clicks to the website.

We saw 31 contact form fills and 27 clicks to the client’s subscribe buttons from prospective buyers for Paid Search. We also found over 6,500 landing page conversions on Facebook, as well as 15 instances of “click to call”.

The Point of Interest (POI) Attribution Reports generated from the Geo-Fencing campaign reflected close to 10,000 total visits to the client’s location.

04 Key Findings

Full-funnel strategies provide multiple touchpoints to prospective customers throughout their buyer’s journey. Identifying specific campaign goals and challenges will help our team provide the best proposals, strategies, and optimizations.