Case Study – Food & Drink

Increased Reservations for Park City, UT Restaurants

01 The Objective

The primary objective was to increase phone calls, restaurant reservatons, and website traffic.


Food & Drink

Campaign Length

Three Months


Counties in Utah


Programmatic Display
Streaming TV
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

02 The Challenge

Before implementing our strategy, Park City Area Restaurant Association faced two main challenges: Brand awareness and capturing new visitors to Park City.

03 The Solution

Our digital solution incorporated a full-funnel marketing strategy.

Restaurant Food and Drink

Our digital solution incorporated a full-funnel marketing strategy that included Display, Social Media, Device ID targeting, Streaming TV, and Search Engine Marketing to capture Park City visitors and locals in real-time. We targeted restaurants, bars, event venues, and 5-star hotels in Summit County and in Salt Lake County. We included 2nd and 3rd-time home buyers, and potential customers interested in food, wine, and entertainment. As well as those visitors traveling to Park City.

With device ID, we collected devices of those who visited various event venues, 5-star hotels, restaurants, country clubs, and bars, and targeted those people to drive foot traffic to PCARA’s member locations.

We behaviorally targeted individuals who exhibited an interest in the
various restaurants’ cuisine, and strategically bid on relevant keywords to capture people searching for places to eat and things to do in Park City.

The Results

Total visits to restaurants via Foot Traffic Attribution reports


Link clicks on the client’s webpage


Reservations made as recorded via SEM


YOY increase in new users


YOY increase in user sessions


Restaurant link clicks