Case Study – Home Improvement

Increased Brand Awareness for a Flooring & Design Company

They provide quality flooring products, beautiful granite countertops, professional customer service, and wholesale carpet prices.

01 The Objective

The primary objective was to increase brand awareness, drive in-store traffic to 13 store locations and promote their position as Utah’s premier choice for carpet, flooring, and countertops.


Home Improvement

Full-Funnel Approach

Programmatic Display
Streaming TV
Social Media
Paid Search
Local SEO
Organic SEO
Programmatic Email

02 The Challenge

This company came to us after realizing they were paying much too high for bottom-funnel marketing tactics. They needed to reach qualified audiences that were not already engaging with their brand and increase sales.

03 The Solution

A full-funnel marketing approach.

Sky Digital Media Home Improvement Case Study Flooring Circle Photo

Top-of-funnel and Middle-Funnel marketing tactics were structured to build brand awareness and loyalty among new and repeat customers. Our goal was to show value more effectively by reaching potential customers through multiple touchpoints using different messaging and value propositions.

Bottom-funnel tactics were tailored to drive customers who were further along the buyer’s journey to the website and in-store.  In-Depth keyword research/analysis builds were crucial to our success. Daily optimizations and bid strategies were put into place for each store location based on search volume and share-of-voice. New keywords were added to the campaign, and budgets were adjusted according to performance. We optimized those key phrases driving the highest conversion results on the website.

SEO was also performed on the website to increase its credibility and rankings online. We put together a solution with content that included high-performing key phrases from the SEM portion of the campaign and created a list of keywords specific to each store location. We optimized for product categories and services. Our content team created location-based posts to drive bottom-funnel users to locations nearest them as well as posts about products and services to gain authority. Keyword visibility increased year over year. We followed best practices for on-site and off-site optimizations.

The Results

2021 Store Visits


2021 First-Time Store Visitors


Increased Organic Conversions 2020 – 2021


Increased Keyword Visibility via Organic SEO


Increased Phone Calls 2020 – 2021


2021 GBP Views Across 13 Locations