Case Study – Auto Dealership

11x Return on Auto Sales & Service Campaign

01 The Objective

The client’s main campaign goal is to increase automotive service appointments and new car sales.


Automotive — Dealership

Campaign Length

Two Month Snapshot

Digital Tactics

Geo-Fencing + Location-based tracking

02 The Challenge

Tracking advertising spends to ensure tactics are working and driving a return on investment.

03 The Solution

We used multiple ads to include various brands and service offers.

Automotive Dealership Digital Marketing

We have and continue to serve display ads with our Geo-Fencing targeting to custom ZIP codes in relevant neighborhoods, competitors, and other relevant locations. We use multiple ads to include various brands and service offers.

The Results

The advertiser supplies a monthly sales report for both service appointments and car sales.

Over a two-month time period, we matched 192 service appointments and 41 car sales. This is an estimated $91,600 in revenue for the dealership, an 11x return on their investment.

04 Key Findings

Geo-Fencing ads not only serve a precise audience, but also provide CRM match back reporting* to help determine better ROI on the campaign.

*CRM match-back reporting does incur an additional cost, dependent on the audience size.