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The primary responsibility of any marketing plan is to attract new audiences, which point to larger leads and conversions. Designing strategies around a full-funnel marketing approach can help you reach those goals sooner rather than later. At Sky Digital Media, our approach works hand in hand with full-funnel strategies to give you the best possible outcome in the most cost-efficient way. Marketing is an ever-changing world, and if you’re not incorporating any full-funnel method’s into your marketing plans, you might as well be living in the dark ages.

So, what exactly is a full-funnel marketing approach? It consists of 4 different stages that build off each other to reach potential customers based on where they fall in the funnel. The first stage, AWARENESS, is the customer’s journey from initially discovering your brand/company. In the awareness, stage customers have not realized that your business or services exist. This stage allows us to generate noise around your brand and spark interest.

You now have the user’s attention and interest. What will you do with it? That’s where the second stage, CONSIDERATION, comes in. This is the stage of information and value proposition. Email campaigns, social media advertising, and display ads can help grab a customer’s attention and answer any common inquiries they may have. The intention is crucial for both the brand and the consumer. Consumers might call, request more information, or visit your website/social media pages. Keeping them interested and giving answers to your brand/company is key to higher retention rates in the long run.

Now that we’ve made it to the third stage, CONVERSION, we work to reinforce action from a visitor who is now an official consumer. They’ve done their research, and are now in search of a solution. By using behavioral target marketing and SEM, you can get a better understanding of the customer and what it takes to retarget them to come back. These tactics can be used for leads, in-person, or eCommerce transactions through Sky Digital Media.

We’ve made the journey through the funnel, but we can’t forget one of the most important things to focus on after the fact: RETENTION. Customer retention measures not only how successful a company is at gaining new customers, but also how successful they are at satisfying existing customers. It also increases ROI, boosts loyalty, and brings in new customers.